“What is this going to cost me?”

That may not always be the first question you ask but it is generally one of the first things you think about. Let’s start off by saying that when you contact Space Craft Inc. you are talking to a professional, well trained, courteous, highly experienced, and very well equipped craftsman.

Contact usWhen we show up on your job…

  • You won’t be looking at someone wearing yesterday’s clothes with a two day beard, sporting a ponytail and an earring.
  • He won’t be driving a rusty pickup with his tools rolling around in the back with the empty beverage cans and the debris from the previous job.
  • You will never ever be asked to pay “up front” for any work…EVER!!!
  • You pay only when the job is completed to your total satisfaction.
  • The only thing you may be asked to pay for prior to completion are materials purchased and stored on the jobsite and under your control. Normally this is only done on large jobs where materials expenses are substantial.

Of course every job is different, so costs vary and we prefer to bill for all labor as a lump sum instead of charging by the hour.  In those cases where an hourly rate is appropriate you’ll find our rates to be very reasonable and competitive…and we don’t have a minimum charge, nor do we charge for travel time or head scratching.